Why sailing?

For us, time is the key for freedom. So what do we need to do to get more time?

We decided to downshift our lives and get more time to live life as we want. Since we already had a sailboat and we both love adventures, the choice on what we would do was easy. Go sailing. To achieve greater freedom we needed to save a lot of money and make certain sacrifices. Before we left Sweden, we sold almost everything we owned, we became liveaboards for more than a year prior to departure to cut the monthly expenses and we were saving as much as we could in our living habits.

Sailing means both a form of traveling and a way of living for us. RAN is our home but also our means of transportation and she can take us almost everywhere we want in the world. Sailing for us is about “simple living” and “downshifting” your life. We travel on water with the help of the wind and the sun gives us electricity through our solar panels. Simple and eco-friendly. When we are sailing we have to be aware of the water usage, garbage recycling, energy loading and food supplies.

The adventure in sailing is something that drive us. We want to sail to remote places and explore untouched nature and wild animals.

We hope to inspire others by our choice of living. To explore the world by sailing or in another way and make time to live your life as you want. Because it is possible!

22 thoughts on “Why sailing?

  1. SV Nademia says:

    I think it is a fantastic life and adventure living and sailing the world on a sailing yacht. Also enjoy your videos.
    Wish you both fair winds.

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  2. Bo(b)sse says:

    Hello, hello hello from Down Under Australia! I have enjoyed your videos and watching your handiwork too. Now we are moored in windy and wet Airlie Beach, snug inside the POA marina onboard our cosy old Beneteau 440. Please don’t waste too much time and aim to pass via the new Panama canal into the great Pacific Ocean ASAP. Fair winds, following seas and good luck and Gods speed to the RAN crew! Lycka till pa farden!

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    • ransailing says:

      Hello! Tack! Thank you! We have also had a lot of wind here in the Canaries. We really want to go to the Pacific and to Australia. Maybe we meet there 😊 Take care and fair winds!


  3. Agustin Guerra says:

    You are another of the great examples of real living option ways. I follow you both form your departure in Sweden, enjoying every vídeo you make . Thanks a lot for sharing it & please keep on making us dreaming your Great Adventure till the day that could be a realety for me too. Thanks again, take care and fair winds.
    Best wishes form Tenerife, Canaries.

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    • ransailing says:

      Hola Agustin! We’re glad you like our videos and we hope you’ll go out sailing too! Thanks for watching and writing here. We’ll most likely go to Tenerife soon! Take care, Malin and Johan


  4. Agustin Guerra says:

    Great Pleasure following you both since departure in Sweden. Thanks for sharing your great Adventure vídeos. Hope one day could do the dame, till then its a great help your documentary. Best regards form Tenerife, Canaries, keep well and fair winds around the Globe.

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  5. Phillip O'Reilly says:

    Like your boat and like your approach to sailing and life. Don’t forget to visit Cairns in North Queensland and if you see a Hanse 385 come over for free beer!

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  6. zcotty says:

    Greetings from Göteborg!
    Our whole family has enjoyed watching your journey. We hope to follow your route in the upcoming years and this has been a great inspiration.

    We wish you fair winds and hope you keep living life now!


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  7. Eric DUMANGE says:

    I fell by chance on you mini series, notably to Antarctica yesterday late in the night.
    How brave and strong but so humble with your mate Krille, facing big Nature and wild animals. It’s moving me
    Thanks thanks thanks for that : for sharing !
    Fair winds with Malin and friends
    (now you have another good caring at you)
    Eric, Bordeaux

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