The crew


Johan Hammarlund
Age: 40
Born: Barsebäck, Sweden
Previous occupation: Product manager for power tools
Sailing experience: Since 1999. Has crossed the Atlantic five times and sailed to Antarctica and South Georgia via Cape Horn to name the longest sail.
Interests: History, fixing stuff, documentaries, music, travelling
Language: Swedish, English
Dream destination: Papua New Guinea

Malin Löf
Age: 30
Born: Malmö, Sweden
Previous occupation: Social worker
Sailing experience: Since 2014
Interests: Yoga, dance, music, media, travelling, people, food
Language: Swedish, English, Spanish
Dream destination: Any atoll in the Pacific Ocean

17 thoughts on “The crew

  1. Jan Petr says:

    :)) Johan 38 let ? ..typoval jsem maximálně 28 a o Malin dvacet…jsem rád že jste dospělí osobnosti.
    Jste krásní lidé, láska štěstí přináší 🙂
    Jestli bych mohl mít přání, prosím ukažte při svých cestách původní duchovní život. Bohy cizích krajin , rituály a meditace.
    Hodně štěstí a lásky*

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  2. franklin says:

    The part i like about y,all vido,s over other you to became part of the boat and now when i watch ylall video,s i see 3.i am a old seaman and the boat and i was always one .and untill that happens the sea will win.keep on going hopeful one day we will meet on s9me sea some where

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  3. Alain Bedard says:

    Hello Malin and Johan – I am fairly new to your vlog but I am addicted. I love what you do and how you do it. Thank you for sharing. I am also contemplating raising the anchor soon and I was wandering if you would be willing to share your grocery list with me. That would give a very good indication of what is required for a happy crossing.

    Thank you in advance,

    Kindest regards,

    Alain (from Quebec Canada)

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    • ransailing says:

      Hi Alain! Thank you so much for your nice feedback! Many people have asked about the grocery list and we might write a blogpost about it to share some thought and ideas. But we pretty much bought what we eat normally and we were thinking of food ingredients that you can combine in different ways. We were also thinking from the different nutrition fields, as carbs, protein, fat etc. And then not to forget toilet paper, garbage bags and stuff like that. Hope this gave you an idea 🙂 Good luck on your preparations! Regards, Malin and Johan


  4. Mar`cia Schrock says:

    Hello from Oregon, USA. My husband and I are watching your videos one after the other. What a beautiful thing you are doing. We are inspired.
    Also, your filming and editing is spot on. It feels like we are right there with you.

    All the very best!
    Mar`cia and Marty Schrock

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  5. Brandon Ford says:

    Aloha Johan and Malin,
    We enjoy watching your videos of sailing in freezing temps while on our boat in Hawaii. Burrrrrr! We thought we were tough leaving Newport, Ore., last February, but it was nothing like the North Sea. Hats off to you intrepid sailors. Beautiful couple and beautiful boat.

    I really appreciate the beautiful photography and tight editing in your videos. Your English is wonderful to listen to as well. I especially like the aerial shots from your drone. What kind of drone is it?

    We sailed to California and Mexico (Sea of Cortez) where it got too hot so we decided to sail to Hawaii. We love it here! you should put it on your list of places to visit. We are one of very few cruising boats here. Most anchorages we have all to ourselves. It is beautiful here and the diving and snorkeling is wonderful

    We look forward to more great videos.

    Brandon and Virginia Ford
    SV Oceanus, a 1971 Columbia 43
    currently lying Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii

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    • ransailing says:

      Hi guys! Thank you so much and we’re glad you like the videos 🙂 We didn’t know that Hawaii gets cold… How cold is it? We would love to visit Hawaii! How do you find the sailing between the islands? Are the acceleration zones strong? We hope to be in the Pacific late next year if everything goes as planned so me might meet you there 🙂 Take care! /Malin and Johan


  6. Tom De Lombaerde says:

    well edited vlogs, good music, love the way you share your love for nature and obviously each other…your videos are like taking a short holiday without the expenses. Safe journey and fair winds

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  7. David Estoppey says:

    Hello everybody. I’m realy loving your videos and comments of your saling trip and specialy the visits of all these nice spots. It feels like staying with you.
    All the best!

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  8. David Marchant says:

    Hi Malin and Johan.
    Thanks so much for your vlogs. I am in awe of your sailing ability, your teamwork and your calm natures and acceptance of circumstances, and dealing with what comes along.
    Your videos are so professional, and I’m glad you actually visit places and get the local vibe, and pass it on so well in your videos.Looking forward to more. All the best for Christmas, and safe travels.

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    • ransailing says:

      Thank you so much David! That’s very nice feedback. Makes us very happy! We’re glad to have you along with us on this adventure and we wish you a Merry Christmas! All the best, Malin and Johan


  9. Mark Borgatta says:

    My sailing experience is limied to a 10′ El Toro that I sailed in Newport Beach, CA. Over 30 years ago. My interest in sailing has been recently been regenerated by your vids. Great job on your editing and your music is really cool. Who are some of the recording artist that you use? Your last vid showed the RAN taking on water. What’s the status and has it been repaired.

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    • ransailing says:

      Thank you Mark and we’re glad we can inspire to go sailing 🙂 Since around September last year we use music from a site called Epidemic Sound where all music is copyright free. So there are no famous artists and the music can only be find there. It’s the easiest way for us to find music that are available worldwide. The water came through the man hatch on the chain locker but we have sealed it better so it’s fixed now. Thank you for watching and have a nice day! /Malin and Johan


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