Fixing RAN

Since RAN became our boat we have done some changes to improve her. Check out some of the things we have done!

Painting the topsides

The painting of the freeboard is the biggest work we have done so far. The paint was old and the hull was uneven on some places. First thing we did was to clean the freeboard and then we started to sand it. The paint we used is a double coat from the Dutch mark De Ijssel. Below … Continue reading Painting the topsides

Interior refit

During fall, 2014, we did some interior renovation on RAN. Below you find photos and text of some of the things. Click on a photo to enlarge and read the text.

Changing the mast and rigging

We decided to change the mast and rigging since the original that came with the boat were to weak. The new mast is higher, stronger and longitudinal stiffer. It’s made by the Swedish mast company, Seldén and we are quite pleased with it. Because of the new, wider spreaders, the chainplates had to move from … Continue reading Changing the mast and rigging