RAN is a Beason 40 and was built in Karlstad, Sweden in 1987. She is a one-off, custom built boat and was designed by the naval architect Bernt Andersson, who also stands behind the other Beason models. The hull and superstructure is made of aluminium. The material was supplied by SAPA and is of marine quality to be extra resistant to salt water and corrosion.

RAN (the a is pronounced as in “Martin”) is named after the goddess of the deep ocean, Rán, from the nordic mythology. She captured drowning seamen with her big net and kept them on the bottom of the ocean.

RAN has a fin keel with a lead-filled winged bulb at the bottom. The relatively large draft of about 2 meters in combination with the weight mostly located in the wing bulb makes RAN very stiff and can sail in winds up to 10 m/s before she needs to be reefed. The hull is quite easily driven for being a design from the late 80´s, and the best distance so far, is about 200 Nm in 24 hours.

Standing and running rigging have been renewed in 2015 and RAN has now a modern 9/10-well rig from Seldén.

Volvo Penta 2003 T, three-cylinder turbo diesel 43 hp. Mechanical gearbox with a straight shaft and a 3-blade folding propeller.

Length Over All: 12200 mm
Length Waterline: 10100 mm
Beam Max: 3550 mm
Beam Max Waterline: 2900 mm
Draft: 2000 mm
Air Draft: 19800 mm
Displacement: 8000 kg
Keel Weight: 3000 kg

Beason 40 segel 001