About RAN Sailing

RAN is a Beason 40 and was built in Karlstad, Sweden in 1987. She is a one-off, custom built boat and was designed by the naval architect Bernt Andersson, who also stands behind the other Beason models. The hull and superstructure is made of aluminium. The material was supplied by SAPA and is of marine quality to be extra resistant to salt water and corrosion.

RAN (the a is pronounced as in “Martin”) is named after the goddess of the deep ocean, Rán, from the nordic mythology. She captured drowning seamen with her big net and kept them on the bottom of the ocean.

RAN has a fin keel with a lead-filled winged bulb at the bottom. The relatively large draft of about 2 meters in combination with the weight mostly located in the wing bulb makes RAN very stiff and can sail in winds up to 10 m/s before she needs to be reefed. The hull is quite easily driven for being a design from the late 80´s, and the best distance so far, is about 200 Nm in 24 hours.

Standing and running rigging have been renewed in 2015 and RAN has now a modern 9/10-well rig from Seldén.

Volvo Penta 2003 T, three-cylinder turbo diesel 43 hp. Mechanical gearbox with a straight shaft and a 3-blade folding propeller.

Length Over All: 12200 mm
Length Waterline: 10100 mm
Beam Max: 3550 mm
Beam Max Waterline: 2900 mm
Draft: 2000 mm
Air Draft: 19800 mm
Displacement: 8000 kg
Keel Weight: 3000 kg

Beason 40 segel 001

32 thoughts on “About RAN Sailing

  1. Tim Russell says:

    Hi Team
    Im from country NSW in Australia and found your youtube postings a couple of weeks ago.
    I love the filming of your journey and find your Swedish characteristics refreshingly honest regarding your experiences.
    Keep up the good work as my family enjoys watching your personal adventures.
    All the best

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  2. Salvador Ortolá says:

    Hola amigos! It was a pitty not to see you here in Cádiz (Spain) when you were heading to Madeira. If we would see you were headng to Gibraltar strait, we would offer to sail with you in our sailboat 😅 Good job your sailing and videos recording. Keep on sailing! Cheers.


  3. Eliad says:

    Hi guys, love your Scandinavian style.. Cool..your mini series of Antarctica is amazing, I own a Peterson 34 from 1980 which I wouldn’t dare sail to Antarctica…your videos are great I will keep following you. Wish you the best!

    Eliad from Israel

  4. Tim says:

    Hi Guys, love to know how much water and deisel your tanks hold, what size your batteries are and how many, fridge size and is your stove propane and how many bottles of it you might carry. Looking forward to hearing about how you big crossings go. Stay safe. Tim

    Liked by 1 person

    • ransailing says:

      Hi Tim! The water tanks takes 400 liter and the diesel tank 270 liter. We have two AGM batteries of 200 Ah each and one start battery on 70 Ah. The fridge is 140 liter and we have a 5 kg propane bottle. We only have one and it lasts for about 2-3 months. Thanks for watching the videos and following our adventure! Cheers


  5. adigitalgirl says:

    I love the design of your boat, especially all the teak decking. At least, I assume it’s teak. I am watching through your videos and they are great.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Sam says:

    Awesome videos and amazing boat!

    I have been looking for a sailboat very similar to this for a while and they are difficult to come across, especially aluminum. The design seems similar to the Trintella. Where did u come across Ran, was she already in Sweeden?

    Enjoy your travels

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    • ransailing says:

      Thanks a lot Sam! Yes, they are difficult to find. I, Johan, found RAN on a Swedish site called Blocket (similar to Craig’s list) in 2012. She is a Swedish built boat and has never been outside Sweden before. Good luck with your boat buying. Cheers!


  7. Eduardo R Pereira says:

    Hi team, very cool your trip. I accompany some ships and sailboats through the App “Marine Traffic” I would like to accompany you also, if you can, pass the MMSI or Call Sign of your sailboat. Good trip.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Ryan says:

    Hi from Canada,

    Just wanted to say my wife and I really enjoy watching your YouTube channel. Your videos are the only thing keeping us from not going crazy while we wait out the winter and go sailing again on our Edel 820. We are binge watching as I write.

    Julie and Ryan

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  9. Bernard Shuford says:

    I doubt I’ll ever sail – definitely I don’t expect to own a sailboat. We live in the mountains of North Carolina in the US, and the “sea life” is not a thing that works here. Quite a few lakes, and day sailors are not uncommon, but it’s very different here. To take up “sailing” or “living on a boat” would be an incredible change of lifestyle and location, so it’s pretty certain I’ll never do what you guys do. That said, I’m very intrigued by it, and it’s probably more fun to watch your videos than it would even be to do it myself. I love boats, I love ships, and the salt life is, from a distance, very intriguing. I know that, up close and in person, life is more difficult, more challenging, and probably less “fun” than all the vlogs in the world make it appear. But my point is this – while I suspect that you do this somewhat for monetization thru Patreon and all that, THANK YOU for sharing. I enjoy watching stuff like this, and you do a nice job of offering distractions from the less adventurous life that most of us have 🙂 Keep up the good work, and keep a weather eye out for squalls 🙂 🙂

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  10. David S says:

    Do you have plans to buy a bigger sailboat one day? You seemed kind of blown away by the Swan. As the popularity of your channel grows, and your income from YouTube and Patreon increases.. maybe it is a reachable goal.

    Liked by 1 person

    • ransailing says:

      Hi David! We’d love to try different types of sailboats but as you know, sailboats are very expensive. But who knows what the future holds? We keep dreaming anyway 🙂


  11. Albert Stahl says:

    Hey, great videos and as others have said, refreshing to see your cool nordic style and great story telling. I really like your unobstructed foredeck, am sure it greatly improves safety while on passaging. Keep it up ! Cheers and fair winds


    • ransailing says:

      Thank you so much Albert! 🙂 We’d actually like to have the foredeck even more “clean” and remove things that we don’t use. Hope to that in the future! Take care, cheers Malin and Johan


  12. Daydreamer says:

    Hi guys

    If one wanted to by a reasonable boat to travel in. How much does a boat like RAN cost then? And how much have you planned the trip to cost? How do you raise funds? Is it difficult to get a reasonable economy flow? Is it expensive to travel in a sailboat compared to a normal backpacking?

    Liked by 1 person

    • ransailing says:

      Hi there! Thank you for your questions. Very good questions but also hard to answer. And the reason for that is when it comes to sailing and economy the range can be so wide. There are sailors with big yachts who pays crew and there are sailors how doesn’t have a toilet onboard or a dinghy to go ashore with. To make it simple you can go with whatever budget one want. It all depends on how money one has and how one want to spend it. We paid 55 000 Euro for RAN back in 2012. We planned a budget for around 2 years and then planned to stop and work to save more money. Thanks to our videos we have people who pledge an amount of money for the videos which enables us to continue like we’re doing and sharing the travels. It is pretty expensive to sail because if something break on the boat it will surely cost quite a lot of money. On the other hand you always have your home with you and can be more or less independent in electricity, water etc. Good luck and remember that everything is possible! Cheers, Malin


  13. Paul says:

    Dear Malin and Johan
    Like your boat. Sailed Bobuslän in the late seventies and have seen Beasons. Didn’t you they were built in Karlstad. That isn’t near the coast. It it värmland? Like you style, love Sverige., drive a Volvo eat my sill from Abba, etc.
    Keep up the good work, enjoy it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • ransailing says:

      Hi Paul! That’s nice to hear and cool that you know about the Beason brand. Karlstad is situated in Värmland. It’s by the sea but just next to Vänern. Glad you like Sweden! 🙂 All the best, Malin and Johan


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