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We want to inspire you with our videos and photos and with your help, we can continue to document our adventure. The marine environment is harsh on film equipment and we’ve already lost some gears to Neptune. Even the smallest contribution like sharing our videos on social media makes a difference and we really appreciate all support and it keeps us motivated!

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If you want to make a donation you can do that by simply pressing the Paypal donate button below.

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ExampleYou can also become a Patron and support the making of our videos. You decide how much you want to pledge per video and you can set a monthly maximum so you are always within your budget.





The Swedish brand Kona One sponsor us with a super cool inflatable SUP (stand up paddle) board, called NAMASTE, which is specially made for yoga. Check out their website here!

7 thoughts on “Join the crew

  1. S. William R. says:

    Very very very enjoyable to watch your travels aboard RAN. I am from Nova Scotia, Canada and have been always wanting to do such a voyage. I have owned a beautiful 30 foot 1931 Tumlarin from Scandinavia for a few years and it is still a fast and beautiful boat today. Her name is SKOL and she still resides in my little inlet with a new owner. RAN is a perfect boat for your trip…..I admire it a lot. You are a great couple and are very inspiring. You have me thinking more and more of leaving the rat race. Please wave if you pass by Nova Scotia…..I am directly on the East Coast here. And ……oh so important…..Keep Smiling

    All Best & skol

    Liked by 1 person

    • ransailing says:

      Hi William! We’re glad you like RAN! Tumlaren is a very nice boat and what a great name 🙂 We’re glad we can inspire and we hope to pass Nova Scotia one day! All the best, Malin and Johan


  2. Al Wallash says:

    Hi, I enjoy watching the two of you sail! I have chartered around the Caribbean and enjoy all of your stories and filming. But the Patron button is not working for me….I would like to be a Patron.

    Liked by 1 person

    • ransailing says:

      Hi Al! Sorry that the button didn’t work. Will fix that We’re so glad you became a Patron anyway and we want to thank you so much for joining the crew. Really means a lot to us! Have a nice day, cheers Malin and Johan


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