The boat

What make and model is Ran II?
She is a Najad 440 from 1988, hull number 6. Read more about Ran II here.

How long have you owned Ran II?
Since 2019.

What kind of water maker do you have?
We don’t have a water maker yet on Ran II but the water tank holds 1100 litres. We plan on getting a water maker in the future. On Ran I we had a SeaMaker 20 from Cruise RO water and power that we were very happy with.

What kind of satellite phone/device do you have?
We have an Iridium Go (satellite phone) with Predict Wind (weather program) and a Spot (satellite tracker).

How do you get electricity?
We have four solar panels of a total of close to 900 W.

Which company insures Ran?
Y-Yachts Insurance.

The crew

How do you fund your lifestyle?
We work with producing videos for our YouTube channel RAN Sailing.

How much sailing experience do you have?
Malin has sailed since 2014 and Johan since 2000.

How long do you plan to sail?
As long as we can and want to.

What is your planned route?
We’re waiting for Europe to open up so we can sail south!

The videos

What camera gear do you have?
Find all our gear here.

What editing software do you use?
Final Cut Pro X.

How do you find the music to the videos?
We source music from Epidemic Sound.

Have you made videos/film before?
No, we started with the YouTube channel and have learnt so much along the way.