The boat

What make and model is Ran?
She is a Swedish custom built Beason 40 made of Aluminium from 1987. Read more about Ran here.

How long have you owned Ran?
Since 2012.

What kind of water maker do you have?
We have a SeaMaker 20 from Cruise RO water and power.

What kind of satellite phone/device do you have?
We have an Iridium Go (satellite phone) with Predict Wind and a Spot (satellite tracker).

How do you get electricity?
We have two solar panels which give 300W in total and an Airamp which is a combined wind- and towing generator (but we’ve lost the towing prop). Then we also have a portable Honda generator.

Which company insures Ran?
Y-Yachts Insurance.

The crew

Do you still have your jobs left?
No, we quit our old jobs before leaving Sweden. Now we work with producing videos on our YouTube channel RAN Sailing.

How long do you plan to sail?
As long as we can and want to.

What is your planned route?
Our plans for 2020 will soon be revealed.

The videos

What camera gear do you have?
Find what we use here.

What editing software do you use?
Final Cut Pro X.

How do you find the music to the videos?
We use music from Epidemic Sound.

Have you made videos/film before?
No, we started with the YouTube channel and are self taught.