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23 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Taps says:

    Hej Malin o Johan. Vilken fantastisk o spännande resa ni har framför er. Jag ska följa er på resan. Hoppas vädergudarna o resten av dom är med er. Sänder er många o stora kramar. Vi hörs vidare.
    Bambakramar / morbror Tapani

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  2. Charles Curtius says:

    just wanted to say thank you for bringing back wonderful memories of sailing my CSY 37 40 years ago, never did long distance as i was single handling and more than 2 days quit being fun but did manage to hit most of the Caribbean islands. i know Johan has much sailing experience but I envy Malin the wonderful experiences you have to look forward to.

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    • ransailing says:

      Thanks for writing Charles and we’re glad to be able to bring back your memories 🙂 I think you’ll never forget a trip like yours and ours. And we look very much forward to all the new experience we’ll get! Take care


  3. Sofie says:

    Really awesome videos! Noticed that your hull looks quite clean on the underwater movies. What sort of fouling paint do you use that works on the atlantic ocean? Safe sailing!

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    • ransailing says:

      Thanks Sofie! The boat isn’t very clean any longer 🙂 Since we have an aluminium hull the type of paints you can use are very limited. You can’t use copper based paint so at the moment we have a tin based anti fouling paint which works good in colder waters but not as good in warm waters. Take care!


  4. ERNIE BAKER says:

    Hello RAN crew,

    Nice to discover you on You Tube. I have been seeing the video’s until you stock the food on La Gomera. The different places you visited gave a good impression about the surroundings and the more “touristic” aspects of a place even those we know like Dieppe. Other places like the Canaries confirm that they are bare vulcanic and not to our taste. We are more the “Saint Tropez” people altough not in the holiday season. We go there in june (Giraglia Rolex cup) and october (Les Voiles de Saint Tropez) with the old super gafriggers and J Class. Wonderfull boats and people.
    There is a French couple who did the same voyage as you starting in Brittany 3 years ago – with a blog and you tube movies see: LOÏCK is the boat name.

    Keep up the spirit and video’s, by the way your website is absolutely fabulous. I am Facebook free since I am an old grey wolfe sailing in the calmer inner waters of south Holland Zeeland (not as wild and windy as Vlieland).


    Ernie Baker

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    • ransailing says:

      Hi Ernie! Thank you for your comment and we’re glad you like our videos and website 🙂 Sounds nice to visit the French Riviera and see the different cups! We would like to do that too someday 🙂 We’ll check out the french website. Take care and thanks for following us, Malin and Johan


  5. Greg Velie says:

    Ahoy From North Carolina,
    Just wanted to tell you how much the wife and I enjoy your videos. I personally follow a half dozen or so Sailing Vlogs. Honestly, I find your’s the most interesting of all of the Vlogs I follow! Your videography is outstanding! Of course, it also helps that you’re so adorable Malin. BTW, love the New York Yankees hat!! Some of us will never sail the oceans and visit the places you’re visiting. But it’s nice to live vicariously through your adventures! Safe travels and Fair Winds to the both of you!! _/) Greg

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    • ransailing says:

      Hi Greg! Thank you so much! We’re glad you guys like the videos (and hat 🙂 ) and that we can have you along with us on our adventure! Happy New Year! Best wishes, Malin and Johan


  6. Diederick van Wijk says:

    Dear Malin, Question from my wife. …. Since we are planning to sail the Adriatic this summer with our RIB, she wants to know how you wash your hair, since your water supply is limited and no watermaker…. we are curious…

    Regards from Holland,

    Diederick and Angela

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    • ransailing says:

      Hello Diederick and Angela! I use to wash my hair every two or three days. Normally I jump in the sea and then schampoo it and then in the sea again. Finally I rinse the hair quickly with fresh water. That way we don’t use too much of our fresh water 🙂 Have a great summer in the Adriatic! /Malin


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