Our first YouTube LIVE Chat!


På Söndag den 4:e Juni kl. 14.00 GMT-4 (kl. 20.00 svensk tid) har vi vår första live chat på YouTube. Vi kommer att sända från Dinghy Dock Restaurant på Culebra, Puerto Rico där vi svarar på era frågor! Hoppas vi ses där!

Klicka här för att komma till vår YouTube kanal.

On Sunday June, 4 at 14.00 GMT-4 we’ll be having our first live chat on YouTube. We’ll be broadcasting from Dinghy Dock Restaurant in Culebra, Puerto Rico where we’ll be answering your questions! Hope to see you there!

Click here to go to our YouTube channel.


2 thoughts on “Our first YouTube LIVE Chat!

  1. Angela & John Mensing says:

    Sounds good, YouTube has a set reminder for Sunday @ 2:00pm EST…We mentioned you guys and your channel in our last video (Disney Vero Beach Catamaran VLOG day 2) @ the 13:25 mark if you want to check it out. We were talking about Johan’s Antarctica adventures, also advertised your channel too. We would love to buy a sailboat and cruise the Caribbean, we live in Orlando, FL so it would be close..someday soon… 🙂 Angela & John


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