Superyachts & Atlantic Paddler – Ep. 47 RAN Sailing

RAN och vi seglar till Antigua och ankrar i Freeman Bay i English Harbour. Detta är stället att besöka om en vill se många superyachts! Många fina båtar och vi dagdrömmer om vilken som ska bli vår. English Harbour är även en world heritage site där Nelsons dockyard ligger. Förutom att gå runt på Nelsons varv så ser vi när Chris Bertish anländer efter att ha korsat atlanten på sin stand up paddleboard i 93 dagar!

RAN and we sail to Antigua and lay anchor in Freeman Bay, English Harbour. This is the place to go to if you want to see a lot of superyachts! We couldn’t help ourselves to daydream about which boat we would like to have. So many beautiful yachts! But English Harbour is not only a place for superyachts, it’s also a world heritage site with Nelson’s dockyard. Beside from walking around in the historical dockyard, we watch the SUP-paddler Chris Bertish make landfall after 93 days at sea crossing the Atlantic!


6 thoughts on “Superyachts & Atlantic Paddler – Ep. 47 RAN Sailing

  1. Robert Jackson says:

    is this the new new episode? iv been watching all of them at the moment before i put the baby to bed lol i think im on the episode 30 or 31 they are great did you guys do a course or something to be able to know how to do videos and how to edit them?
    im just wondering as well your boat did johan get it specially made or was it just pot luck as iv been looking on boat websites that sell boats but i cant find any anywhere
    kindest regards rob from kent uk

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    • ransailing says:

      Hi Robert! Great that you have watched all our episodes 🙂 We haven’t done any course in video editing. Just self taught 🙂 RAN was built in 1987 and is a one-off. Johan found her on a Swedish buy-and-sell site called Have a great day and thanks for watching! /Malin


      • Rob Jackson says:

        Hi thank you very much for the advise where are you off to next? Will you be going around the world or will you go up to the top of America/Canada then back to your home port or will you go around to Australia and then back thanks from rob

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  2. John Crocker says:

    Just watched ep 47 and enjoyed it immensely. You continue to improve your video techniques. I often forget that I am not actually going along for the trip with you. We are experiencing record breaking heat and water shortage here in Florida. I live in Port Orange and keep my Hunter 34 in Halifax Harbor Marina in Daytona Beach, Florida.

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    • ransailing says:

      Hi John! Thank you so much 🙂 It’s great to hear that you feel like your actually with us. That’s exactly what we want to transmit! Let’s hope the heat comes down in Florida and the water shortage stops! All the best, Malin and Johan


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