Sailing to Lisbon – Ep. 12

Äntligen har vi kommit till Cascais utanför Lissabon! Vi får en rundtur av en av våra Patrons, Joaquim, som visar oss kusten och naturreservatet Sintra. Efter några dagar i Cascais så flyttar vi båten till Lissabon och det är dags för lite storstadsliv!

We finally arrive to Cascais outside Lisbon! Joaquim, one of our Patrons takes us on a ride through the surroundings and up to the natural park of Sintra. After some days in Cascais we move the boat to Lisbon to get some city life. 


One thought on “Sailing to Lisbon – Ep. 12

  1. Dominique Nalpas says:

    Hello, I am catching up with your adventures… Very good videos! You are in my top 5 list of sailing channels now. On YouTube, episode 2 and 12 are blocked, (from France), but I can view them on your website. But if we do that, there is no “thumbs up” button that we can click on ( at least on the iPad). So, thumbs up, indeed.



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